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Cirq-KOUR -Ninja

The Circus Company’s very own creation!  Cirq-Kour is a combination of free-running and using a variety of circus apparatuses.  Not only can you learn movements by free running up walls and leaping from obstacle to obstacle, but you can leap and swing from rope to rope, climb, jump and spin from our circus equipment too!  

Free Running (Freerun) is a way of expression by interacting with various obstacles and environments. Free Running may include flipping and spinning. These movements are usually adopted from other sports, such as gymnastics, tricking or breakdancing or circus.  Freerunning is derived from parkour, but it emphasizes not efficiency but artistry, allowing room for fancy flips and stylistic acrobatics.

This activity is a way of life and helps to provide you with increased coordination, functional movement skills and problem solving tools that will cross over into every other aspect of your life.



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