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Who We Are

We believe in helping to build a community of positivity and inspiration. We want our students to feel empowered and strong and believe they can achieve anything.  “Don’t just fly, soar”


Established in February 2012, The Circus Company started in Collingwood and has since opened a new location in Barrie. The Circus Company specializes in teaching aerial and ground circus arts to all ages and levels (from ages 6 – Adult).   We offer year round programs, winter and summer camps, group parties, workshops and private lessons.


We want to offer an exciting and unique fitness alternative for all lifestyles. We have been successful in catering to all ability levels from beginner to advanced. Our Instructors offer a wealth of knowledge in the circus arts, safe practices, encouragement and they can help to streamline your circus goals...and they might even give you a warm hug every once in awhile. 


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Kristin Nunes


Level 2 NCCP Certified Coach

First Aid/CPR C Certified

Stretch Your Limits Aerial Certification Program.

Kristin Nunes is the founder and owner of the The Circus Company.  

She has created and produced several acclaimed circus productions including Dream Chest Circus, Cirque de la Nuit and RAOCA.  

Kristin is an experienced aerialist performer that has been involved in dozens of events around Ontario. She grew up in competitive gymnastics and continued on to become a competitive gymnastics and recreational coach, acquiring 29 years of coaching experience.  She discovered her love for aerial circus arts while travelling in Mexico and has been training and teaching in this exciting discipline ever since.

Prior to the opening of Collingwood Circus Club in 2012, Kristin earned her Paramedic license in British Columbia and Ontario.

Tara Leslie

Head Coach | Director of Training

Level 2 NCCP Certified Coach

First Aid/CPR C Certified

Stretch Your Limits Aerial Certification Program.

Tara has always felt at home in the gym. Starting with gymnastics at the age of 4, competing until she was 15. In high school she switched to competitive cheerleading, before falling in love with the circus world.

At 13 she started coaching and has been coaching at different clubs in Ontario since. Racking up 15 years of experience. Tara first started training circus arts under Kristin in 2011 and is now an experienced aerial performer. Tara loves helping people reach their personal fitness goals and push past their fears!   


Julia Leslie

Office Manager | Life Coach

Have you ever wondered what the face looks like behind all those emails… Well, here she is folks! Julia is our Office Manager and Life Coach at The Circus Company Inc. Julia also happens to be very close to one of our coaching staff. Do you see any resemblance between her and Coach Tara?

Julia began her circus journey in 2018 when she enrolled in circus classes herself and started working part-time in an administrative role. Let’s zoom forward to 2022 - We are beyond excited to have Julia as our full-time Office Manager and “Circus Mama” as we watch this incredible circus community expand and grow!

Julia is around and happy to answer any and all of your questions at

Aisha Chiandet


Level 1 NCCP Certified Coach

First Aid/CPR C Certified

Fall Protection/Harness Training and Ladder Training

Stretch Your Limits Aerial Certification Program

Aisha started training on aerial silks and aerial hoop in 2012, and began performing shortly there after. She has been instructing since 2014. Prior to discovering the world of aerial circus arts, she was a dancer and gymnast, and taught gymnastics throughout high school. She developed her love of heights through rock and ice climbing, and worked at climbing gyms in high school and university, even creating a course to help new climbers transition to outdoors. As an aerial coach, Aisha has a particular interest in alternative methods of strength and flexibility training, and enjoys helping students reach their full potential. Now an experienced performer, Aisha has been involved in shows and events across Southern Ontario. When not up in the air, she can be found at her day job as an aquatic ecologist.


Emma M


First Aid/CPR C Certified​

Stretch Your Limits Aerial Certification Program.

Meet Emma! As a young gymnast,

Emma would watch in awe as The Collingwood Circus Club’s aerialist trained in the adjacent floor space. She was destined to experience this beautiful art, and once she did, she was hooked! Emma started training at The Circus Company in 2018 and has been coaching since 2021. She loves coaching her students; and she quickly identifies the passion and determination in the eyes her students bring to class, the same passion that brought her to The Circus Company. Emma’s coaching skills are fun, kind-hearted and filled with positivity.

Sarah Sherman


First Aid/CPR C Certified​

Stretch Your Limits Aerial Certification Program

If you have ever met Sarah around the gym you know firsthand how much fun she is! I guess it makes sense why her friends have nicknamed her “Human Sunshine”. Sarah started her circus journey in 2015 after it piqued her interest when her older sister took classes in Toronto. She searched to find something in her area and was happy to find the Circus Club in Collingwood and has been here ever since! Growing up Sarah participated in both dance classes and soccer and enjoyed being able to move her body. Sarah loves encouraging people and helping people in any way she can and she feels she can do a lot of that coaching circus. Sarah loves showing people that the circus is for everyone and anyone and you don’t have to look a certain way or be a certain way to be a part of this wonderful community.


Lyndsey McDougall


First Aid/CPR C Certified​

Stretch Your Limits Aerial Certification Program

Lyndsey’s circus journey began 6 years ago while looking for a fun new exercise. Lyndsey’s search brought her to the Collingwood Circus School where she discovered a love of all things circus! While silks is her first circus love, she also trains lyra, stilt walking and partner acrobatics.


In the rare times she is not at the gym she loves to knit and play with her nephews.

Charlotte V


First Aid/CPR C Certified​

Stretch Your Limits Aerial Certification Program

Charlotte join our Circus School in 2019. Charlotte was seeking a way to get physically active, but was never drawn to traditional sports, so finding circus was the perfect fit for her. For Charlotte, Circus allows her get all of her energy out in a productive and fun way. With endless new things to learn and teach she always feels engaged!


If you don’t find Charlotte in the gym training you’ll likely catch her at home sewing in her spare time.


Jordan Corcoran

Parkour Coach

First Aid/CPR C Certified​

Jordan is The Circus Companies very own Cirq-Kour (parkour) coach! Jordan started parkour in 2005 while at college. After that he ran parkour meet ups for a few years. He has trained in martial arts for 9 years and has a 2nd degree black belt in karate and a blue belt in jiu jitsu. 


In the gym you can find Jordan training partner acrobatics, stilt walking, bubble making, rope climbing and running the Cirq-kour classes and nerf battles.

Devon McDonald


Devon has been an industrial rope access technician and rigger for 14 years now. He enjoys technical projects and challenging rigging environments. 


He’s an instructor of technical rope skills and teaches the working at height programs through the Ministry of Labour.


Outside of work he enjoys the outdoors and hiking with his family. 

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Kevin Clark


Safety is always our top priority. That is where Kevin Walker steps in! Kevin oversees all the engineering requirements of our Collingwood and Barrie Circus Schools, as well as some of our event setups!


Kevin is the president of Ancam Solutions Company Ltd which he started in 2002. Kevin has completed projects in heavy industry, manufacturing, warehousing and logistics, mining and infrastructure for hundreds of clients around the world. He holds engineering licenses in most provinces in Canada. He is a recognized expert in construction and industrial safety as well as passenger ropeways.


Our Facility


Our facility offers 24 ft of vertical space and has 7 usable aerial points. Our custom engineered aerial rigging safety system was designed, fabricated and installed by Kevin Clarke (P. Eng., MBA) at Ancam Solutions Company Ltd.   Collingwood Circus Club’s aerial rigging system was developed to allow one person to raise/lower/exchange apparatuses without having to leave the ground. It’s application is designed for one operator to safely and promptly lower a user to the ground should the user be unable to do so safely.

Our rigging system includes the following structural steel components:  a 40’ long S-beam connected to the bottom chord of the roof truss system with redundant connections, 6  pulley hanger brackets made from structural steel angle and bar bolted onto the bottom flange of the S-beam, a series of 6 static ropes (1 for each position) each fitted with a pulley and apparatus connector elements and an anchor beam where all rope ends are wrapped and hitched.

All components are designed to accommodate a 5,000 lb load on each apparatus; this represents the code requirements for industrial applications.  The anchor beam is designed such that if multiple apparatuses are engaged in drops it can withstand the anticipated loads; it is also designed to allow one person to lower a user in the event of entanglement or other issue above the gym floor.