Our facility offers 24 ft of vertical space and has 7 usable aerial points. Our custom engineered aerial rigging safety system was designed, fabricated and installed by Kevin Clarke (P. Eng., MBA) at Ancam Solutions Company Ltd.   Collingwood Circus Club’s aerial rigging system was developed to allow one person to raise/lower/exchange apparatuses without having to leave the ground. It’s application is designed for one operator to safely and promptly lower a user to the ground should the user be unable to do so safely.

Our rigging system includes the following structural steel components:  a 40’ long S-beam connected to the bottom chord of the roof truss system with redundant connections, 6  pulley hanger brackets made from structural steel angle and bar bolted onto the bottom flange of the S-beam, a series of 6 static ropes (1 for each position) each fitted with a pulley and apparatus connector elements and an anchor beam where all rope ends are wrapped and hitched.

All components are designed to accommodate a 5,000 lb load on each apparatus; this represents the code requirements for industrial applications.  The anchor beam is designed such that if multiple apparatuses are engaged in drops it can withstand the anticipated loads; it is also designed to allow one person to lower a user in the event of entanglement or other issue above the gym floor.